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To attract the target audience (men between 25 and 45 years old) and to loudly announce about the campaign. To increase the awareness of vitamin pills Berocca as an effective way of ameliorating mental activity. To spread rumours around the product for it to be discussed while spending little money.

About Berocca:

Berocca is a multivitamin product which has been used to effectively fight stress, increase concentration of attention and make memory work better


Effectiveness and success are important priorities of the target audience attention of which we were about to attract. To do so we’ve created an image of Victor Gord, a 15-year-old child prodigy who is the youngest ever owner of a company and whose income reaches $96 000 per year (and this is even during the period of economic crisis). Besides Victor is a vegan, married and has a son.

The story of a young genius who is going to share his unique experience at his training courses became the focus of attention and numerous discussions among the Internet users right the first day the banner ads appeared on the one and only website. The top bloggers as well as leprisarium, ochan and other forums got the materials about Victor Gord which was followed by active debates and comments. After the third day running of compaign, Gord’s website "fell down" due to the server being overloaded. Gord has been attracting interest to himself for one month by publishing influential articles, thus heating up debates and boosting interest.
Having reached the first stage in the campaign and being highly popular, Victor announces that he’s going to sell ads on his well-known Blog. He addresses to some huge companies with an offer to cooperate in advertising. After Bayer agrees to cooperate he starts promoting Berocca neglecting the traditional methods of advertising. Gord sets up a video chat with his secretary who while telling about advantages of the product, is eating bananas, strawberry, lollipops and Berocca online. He creates mantra-like ringtones, develops a new souvenir division where he sells Berocca bottles with his signature on it for $300, places banner to make a direct order possible and much more other interesting stuff …

Even now we can say that Victor Gord Project is a campaign that in the way it’s presented, how widely spread and effective it is can’t be compared to any Ukrainian campaigns.

Total results:
  • More than 111 000 users visited Blog and Victor Gord’s LJ (out of which 83 000 are unique users) and looked through more than 350 000 pages during 2 months
  • More than 49 000 users watched Victor Gord’s video clips
  • 637 unique users decided to take part in training courses organized by Mr. Gord
  • More than 7000 unique users entered the chatroom to talk with Victor Gord’s secretary and assistant
  • An average time spent by one visitor of the website is 5 minutes
  • More than 260 publications and discussions were posted on Blogs and forums
  • An average CTR of Victor Gord’s video banners reaches видео 1,18% (during 6 weeks)
  • More than 11 000 unique users have visited website for Berocca

Campaign elements
Victor Gord's Blog Web-site "Berocca" Banners support